Universal Portable 6600mAh Power Bank



Recently my friend ask me if you find some thing can charge my iphone and also can used to my MP3 I don’t want to carry so many chargers when I am go outside, it is so inconvenience. I told her on the website there are many power bank can deal with this problems, she said on the website do have many kind of this  things , but she is worry about the quality, it is maybe cheated by somebody. The things on the website may not as good as it is said on the website. I told her the website has a good reputation, she bought one it is really nice.

Here is the information for Universal Portable 6600mAh Power Bank

•Double USB output

•Powerful with long operation time

•Portable and convenient

•High efficiency of power conversion

•Electricity-saving function

•User friendly, long cycle life and rapid charge

•Environmental friendliness and Economic efficiency

•provide power for your portable digital products at anytime and anywhere



•Product name:  power bank

•Cell-type: Li-polymer battery

•Output capacity: 6600mAh

•Input: 5V, 1A

•Port 1 Output : 5V, 1.5A

•Port 2 Output : 5V, 0.5A

Compatible with:


•iPad, iPad 2, Samsung P1000, Viewpad or Tablet PC

•Cell phone, iPhone, MP3/MP4, iPod, PSP, all digital devices charged via USB port

•Other Mobile phone

Package included:


•1 x 6600mAh Portable iPad iPhone Power Bank Battery Charger

•1 x USB adapter Cable

•1 x Sony Ericssion Adaptor

•1 x apple 30pin adaptor

•1 x LG Adaptor

•1 x NOKIA DC3.5 Adaptor

•1 x Mini USB Adaptor

•1 x Micro USB Adaptor

•1 x Samsung D800 Adaptor

•1 x NOKIA DC2.0 Adaptor

6600mAh Power Bank Station for iPad 2,iPhone 4,other Cell Phone, Tablet PC,PSP etc


Want to know more, let is go for www.trait-tech.com.


By: Lucy

MSN :  lucy@trait-tech.com


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