How to Prevent Bag Lost


The Purse Blog publishes a list of steps to take after your bag or purse is stolen to avoid credit and identify theft.


Indeed, about one U.S. passenger in 150 had a mishandled bag last year, with the total number of bags reported mishandled in 2006 likely to top out close to 4 million. That would be the highest year since 1990. And while the lost bag rate has increased every year since 2002, 2006 was on track to be an improvement over the previous year up until August, when a ban on carry-on liquids and gels caused a 30 percent increase in bags checked nationally. Though the U.S. Transportation Security Administration relaxed those rules in September, both the number of bags checked and the number of bags reported mishandled have remained high. 

So what’s a traveler to do?


I learned the hard way not to keep irreplaceable personal items in my wallet (like, a note from your 3 year old daughter). Also: don’t keep your social security card in your wallet, and if you’re carrying around multiple credit and bank cards, keep an inventory at home to make sure you close all the right accounts in case of loss or theft.


Last week my friend Eva left her mobile phone on the taxi.


Whatever we do after we lost things, the fact is it has lost. What we can do is to avoid thefts before it is stolen.


Lost luggage:

It happens, but you can learn how to avoid lost luggage in transit


Now there is a good news, a new invention called anti-lost alarm.


The Personal Anti-Lost alarm is a handy gadget that prevents you from losing your valuable things. The gadget comes with a transmitter and a receiver. Attach the transmitter onto the object of your affection, such as your pet, cellphone or even your GF. And have the keychain-like receiver in your hands or bag.


When the object is missing or just a couple of steps away from you, the transmitter will then turn on and alert the receiver, which then allows you to locate the object immediately. You can set a suitable alarm-triggering distance from 1m to 20m. This little device is definitely worth of investment to ensure you won’t lose your valuable things again.



Don’t hesitate any more, friend, to protect your LV when you are on toilet in KFC. Put your LV to this Anti-Lost alarm , it will never let you down,




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