Why Not Make Your Phone Out of the Original

Surprised when I got an iPhone 4S on my 21 years old birthday from my parents. You know, how excited I was when I received the phone which I dreamed. The iPhone 4S is the one I was always looking forward to owning.

From then on, I protect it gingerliness and am scared that it will suffer any hurt. Once a time, my mother said to me, “Is it your beloved kid?” I laughed it off. But now, I want to tell her, “Exactly it is!”

Somebody suggested that I should buy a case for your iPhone, which can offers full-body care for my device-the apple of my eyes. I did not think it was a good advice for me, and disagreed with her, because I believed that the good would make my phone ugly, I just like what it is. But soon I changed my idea after I saw some cases on www.trait-tech.com, which I clicked in by accident.

I took several hours to browsing the website, where displayed different kinds of cases for iPhone, for example, diamond case, cute cartoon case etc. There are so many items that I was eager  to search for the best one I love.

But I was confused when I was attracted by several different cases. All of them I want to obtain. I asked my friends for help with which one I should choose for my iPhone. “They are really nice, you can buy all.” –the major answers were.

After deep consideration, I decided to try this one (the picture above) and could not wait; I logged in trait-tech, and bought one. And I chose the fastest shipping method so that I could get it as soon as I can.

At first, I felt anxious the case I would get is different with the one I saw on the website, everyone knows, the pictures shown on website have been PS before they are exhibited for more attraction. I have to admit trait-tech do the same thing after I get the case. While I love the flower diamond case though. Why? Well, it is still amazing. Moreover, it is almost the same with what I expected.

I installed it on as soon as I got the case, my phone looks better. And I don’t need to pay much attention to protect it, the cases can help me do that.

Since then, I am a loyal fan of trait-tech, and hope anyone of you can keep an eye on trait-tech.


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