I am a music lo…

I am a music lover. Many of my friends are music lover. One of them is called Vincent from England. So we always share music or chat something relates to music.

One day, he sent an email to me. The content is “he is thinking over the question that has been perplexing him for a long time. The question is it is really hard to share music with his friends outside. “

Traveling with music is a great way to make a long trip go quickly. But radio stations do not always play his favorites. Taking along CDs allows him to play what he wants, but fumbling through discs while you drive is not safe, and carrying a large number of discs can be awkward. Carrying personal media devices such as an iPod is a great way to take his music with him, but these devices are meant for a single user with headphones. So how to share with his favorite songs with his friends is the problem he has been looking forward to solving, because he like music and like sharing them with his friends.


When I received his email, I felt quite interesting; because I have been considered this question for a long time too. So I began to search for him.

Then an item called FiiO E7 USB DAC Portable 3.5 Headphone Amplifier which caught my eyes.

The reason why it absorbs my attention is because this model supports driverless plug and can play on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7, and various Mac OS.

Moreover, it lasts for a long time. It can be full battery charge via computer USB port after 200 minutes and capable of 80 hours of continuous operation, tested under laboratory condition for evaluative purpose only.

The most important reason is because it meets the requirements of my friend. It is convenient to take along with yourself. It can share music with your friends.

I believe if I told Vincent this good news, he will be say “thanks” to me again and again.



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