Lover’s Heart Shape MP3 Player

New Fashion 2 in 1 Separate Lover’s Heart Shape MP3 Player, 2GB, 4GB 8GB optional(with different price)


my friends birthday is coming soon, I am thinking about the gift, what can I give to her, what she will be like? I am thinking for long time but still have no ideas, so just go to the website to see if something she might be like, suddenly the MP3 catch my eyes, it is looks so beautiful, it is heart shape and cute, I know she like music best, wow it is the best gift I think, she must like this. so I buy it without thinking, I take it when I go to my friends birthday party, when she get it ,she is screaming ,wow I love it so much she said. let is see how it is works.

Rechargeable lithium battery

USB 2.0 full speed interface

Necklace case, touch-sensitive buttons.

This Heart Shape Lover’s MP3 Player makes it easy to enjoy up to of your favorite MP3 files wherever you go.

The USB interface makes it simple to connect to a PC to download your music

Super special shape design

Connect to PC for charging

Designed fashionable and cleverish appearance, fine workmanship


Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery

Data Transmission Inter face: USB2.0 full speed

Bit Rate: MP3 format 8-320kbps, WMA format 64 – 384kbps

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

System Requirements Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP istaor more

Want to know more, let is go for


By: Lucy


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