Gospel for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

To be Herons of Hollywood films is a dream of most boys. However, the civilized society doesn’t allow us to have a gun. If you are fans of outdoor games, especially the combat, the 3-point Rifle Gun Sling is your gospel.


Have you ever played outdoor games like combat with rifle gun, and wondered what it would be like to really be a part of the action? Look no further, Combat Sports outdoor is the closest thing to recreating your video game experiences.

Welcome to TRAIT. Our goal is to provide a complete wilderness survival combat tool for the individual who spends a great deal of time outdoors.

Join us at Combat Sports to experience outdoor combat, the most exciting outdoor combat game to hit the peak. Whether you are 8 or 80, this recreational sport of outdoor game will provide you with hours of fun and excitement.

TRAIT currently offers quality personal Multi Purpose 3-point Tactical Rifle Gun Secure Sling Lanyard Outdoor Combat Gear to meet your individual needs. Whether you are an outdoorsman who enjoys backpacking, cross-country skiing, climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, or a professional in a hazardous work environment, such as search and rescue, private pilot, military, etc., we make a perfect suit for your lifestyle.
The Rifle Gun Secure Sling considered by many to be the top authority on all survival related topics.

How to use it?

Rifle slings have been used for marksmanship training in the U.S. military for many years. A soldier or marine typically use a three-point sling as a transporting device, enabling him to shoulder and carry the weapon while keeping the hands free. The sling is also used to stabilize the rifle while in any given shooting position. The three-point sling makes this stabilization process more effective than with regular two-point slings, because it creates a loop for arm and shoulder placement that helps secure the rifle into a solid shooting position. Using a three-point sling is easy to master once you’ve had the proper instruction.

For more detail about our trifle gun, please see the following specification.

· Quick release rifle sling with snap on clip;

· Suitable for Short to Long frame Rifle;

· You can attach this sling to any rifle as long as sling swivel is present;

· 3-Point design allows even distribution of gun weight on your shoulder;

· Quick Release/Quick Detach Design allow speedy change of weapon positioning;

· Achieve Fast, Accurate & Precise weapon quick;

· Essential element to Close Quarter Battle or City Combat situation;

· Construction of heavy duty nylon with metal hook.

· Size: 104 x 4cm (L x W)


Hey man, don’t hesitate, just join us with fun!




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