RST6020 Dentures UV Sanitizer Sterilizer

RST6020 Dentures UV Sanitizer SterilizerMy father is kind of candy bowl, he likes different kinds of sweet food since he was young so 

he need a false tooth when he was forty (it is at a young age for him and he went through tough years before he got used to the denture ).Because he always has to get set the tools and we may worried about the hygiene of the artificial tooth. To tell the truth, I have been feel anxious about the denture sanitation for a long time.

Then I found a Dentures UV Sanitizer Sterilize, I click the link when I saw it .It has been proved to kill over 99.9% of germs and it make me feel relief. And their process completed in 10-minute UV cycle. Also the Automatic UV light shut-off when opened during operation. Meantime, my father is a travel lover and I hope it is portable, as I look of description; it satisfied me in this part.

Then I want to know the certificate and safety of products. Wow! It has the certificate of Japan. So it has passed the Japanese standard JIS T 2001:2005. And I search for other company to see if this product has flooded the market and I found this is the only company to sell the products in Chinese market. Then I began to worry about the high price because there are not too many competitors to choose from. This one may be new and up market which is too expensive for me to buy.

After thinking over, I decide to contact them for the price and get to know this company’s sales services. So I send an email to as is written in the website .his considerate service and professional attitude impressed me, and the price is really competitive to my surprise. So I have made up my mind to buy one and to send it to my father as a gift.

Many thanks to Trait-tech and the sales Rita








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Trade Manager: cn1001179797


Popular Design Fashion Anti UV Sunglasses

 The risk of damage to our eyes and skin from solar UV radiation is cumulative, meaning the danger continues to grow as we spend time in the sun throughout our lifetime To best protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV and HEV rays, always wear good quality sunglasses when you are outdoors Depending on your outdoor lifestyle, you also may want to explore performance sunglasses or sport sunglasses. The amount of UV protection sunglasses provide is unrelated to the color and darkness of the lenses. A light amber-colored lens can provide the same UV protection as a dark gray lens. Your optician can verify that the lenses you choose provide 100 percent UV protection.

Many misconceptions exist about the right sun protection for your eyes. Keep these tips in mind:


Not all sunglasses block 100 percent of UV rays. If you’re unsure about the level of UV protection your sunglasses provide, take them to your eye doctor or optician for an evaluation. Many eye care professionals have instruments such as spectrophotometers that can measure the amount of visible light and UV radiation your lenses block.


Almost all sunglasses block a portion of HEV rays, but some tints block more blue light than others. Blue-blocking sunglass lenses usually are bronze, copper or reddish-brown in color.

Remember to wear sunglasses even when you’re in the shade. Although shade reduces your UV and HEV exposure to some degree, your eyes still will be exposed to UV rays reflected from buildings, roadways and other surfaces.

Sunglasses are important especially in winter, because fresh snow can reflect 80 percent of UV rays, nearly doubling your overall exposure to solar UV radiation. If you ski or snowboard, choosing the right ski goggles is essential for adequate UV protection on the slopes.

Even if your contact lenses block UV rays, you still need sunglasses. UV-blocking contacts shield only the part of your eye under the lens. UV rays still can damage your conjunctiva and other tissues not covered by the lens. Wearing sunglasses protects these delicate tissues and the skin around your eyes from UV damage.

If you have dark skin and eyes, you still need to wear sunglasses. Although your dark skin may give you a lower risk of skin cancer from UV radiation, your risk of eye damage from UV and HEV rays is the same as that of someone with fair skin.

You need not fear the outdoors and sunny days, as long as you are equipped with the right eye and skin protection to reduce your UV exposure.

With so many styles of sunglasses here , there is always a right one for your face.



By: Lucy



Amazing! I Got A Good Friend From A Thief!

Amazing! I Got A Good Friend From A Thief!

Nowadays, the thief is getting more and more daring!! How dare they can steal things during the day time!

3 days ago, my uncle’s home has been loot but the police couldn’t find any clue.

That day is my aunt’s birthday. So all of us go out and have fun in the bar until 5AM. But when we get home with our sleepy eyes, that was really a big ‘surprise’! It’s messy on the floor with the scattered books, drawers and so on. My aunt eyes open widely suddenly. She rushed into the bedroom and look for the jewelries in the cabinet. Then she screamed out! Fuck you , bitch! My necklace and rings have gone!

We dialed to the police. The police told us, because there is no record to know the clue, it’s hard to find the thief, and let us prepare for accept it, but they still will try their best to find out the thief.

Then next day! The police found an IP camera was installed on the neighbor’s  door. So we view the video, trying to find out the clue during that night. At last, we find out the thief and caught him. But the money has been spent by him through selling the stolen necklace.

After a few days. I found that there is also an IP camera on my uncle’s door and also there is another one in him home. He bought 2pcs IP cameras. I blame him why not get another one for me. He said: ‘I bought it in this company trait-tech, the price is reasonable and this is with night vision, the quality is pretty well.’  After that, my uncle always come back so late without worry.

So I went to this website and bought an IP camera and many other things. And the sales manager Catherine is very kindful. I asked so many questions. She is so patient. Today, I received the products, it’s very nice and give me some gifts. I am so happy .

Here is the Catherine’s contact method. Now , I and her is good friend.  I always text to her when I feel comfused.  Her Skype is Catherine-trait. MSN: Mobile number, you could ask for it by yourself. Hahhhhh

Mini cute U Disk SD Card FM MP3 iPod PC Speakers

Mini cute U Disk SD Card FM MP3 iPod PC Speakers

Now business is harder than before, why this can happened? Now we have many ways to get information it is should be easier why it is harder than before? there are many reasons one of them is more people come into business so we have hot competitions. and some people not abide the rules, they are not tell truth bout the items, so the quality is not good the price is fair and the service is not good, so if you want to find a good supplier it is really hard. But I think I am lucky person, I find a good one. no matter what I need I can buy from her and their service is really nice always makes me happy. For example this time I bought U Disk SD Card FM MP3 iPod PC Speaker form her it is really nice and cute. I will use this do market search and bring this to market, share to people.

Have you ever thought of listening to music anywhere and anytime when you need? Now this U Disk SD Card FM MP3 iPod PC Speakers makes your thought come true. And you just only need a u-disk or sd or to connect your usb interface of your computer and then enjoy your music world happily.

 It is so convenient and easy to use and carry. Of course, you also can connect your audio jack via the usb cable and play the music, such as notebook PC, music mobile MP3, MP4, CD,ipod/iphone and so on. And then you will immerse in a surround sound experience and relax yourself fully.

This compact travel speaker system is ideal for use at the office, home, carry where you go. And you can enjoy sweet sound produced from the aluminum speaker. Several power supply manners including battery, computer USB, adaptor DC-5V allow you to enjoy the charm of digital products at any time. So useful and portable it is! This device is 100% Brand New. It is available in two colors, blue and white. You can freely choose your favorite color .Do not hesitate to own it right now!

I have bought this speaker recently and believe me this has changed my life. Now, most of the time my mood remains happy and I really enjoy most of my time in listing high quality music. All of my friends also visit my home and we enjoy together by listening music.

In a nut shell, I must say that this is the wonder device I have ever used in my life. I must share this to all the people so you can also enjoy it.


Want to know more, let is go for



Mini cute U Disk SD Card FM MP3 iPod PC Speakers