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Make you iPhone be a SLR

A majority of people all around the world are into SLR, iPhone. They are eager for both of them. It stands to reason that iphone and SLR become more and more popular. They have been a fashion.

People say that the one who owns anyone of them is the fashionistas. So how about the people who hold both?

Recently, trait-tech promotes a new item which makes your iphone be SLR. That is to say, your iphone can not only be used a smartphone but also be regarded as a professional camera-SLR. How miraculous it is!


Imagine this: Just take out your iphone when you are watch the scenery in a famous scenic spots, no need to take some time to get the heavy SLR after you unzip your bag arduously. How is it going when you just leave your SLR behind in you home?

You can see what does that miracle look like? Fashionable appearance and easy installation! It can be called telescope for iPhone.

In our daily life, telescope is necessity, an ideal for campers, hunters, sports enthusiasts and concert goer’s tourists. Telescopes provide sharp clear optical performance at an unbelievable value. It has high magnification, everyone knows the greatness lies in it-you can see a wide range through the telescope although it is small in size.

The Telescope for iphone features a lens reflecting surface used to form an image of a distant object. This is a zoom lens set compatible with all models of iPhone and iPhone 4 also including the latest Venison iPhone 4. Each lens set contains a zoom iPhone lens attachment for 8x the zoom. The new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle. The larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness, is good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography.

The people who hesitate to buy a SLR because of the expensive price can make a better choice for themselves. the telescope can capture photos which are same as the those by SLR. And the people who own one SLR also can consider this miracle, which makes your life much easier.

Come here please, and then you will have a SLR for your iphone: