Amazing! I Got A Good Friend From A Thief!

Amazing! I Got A Good Friend From A Thief!

Nowadays, the thief is getting more and more daring!! How dare they can steal things during the day time!

3 days ago, my uncle’s home has been loot but the police couldn’t find any clue.

That day is my aunt’s birthday. So all of us go out and have fun in the bar until 5AM. But when we get home with our sleepy eyes, that was really a big ‘surprise’! It’s messy on the floor with the scattered books, drawers and so on. My aunt eyes open widely suddenly. She rushed into the bedroom and look for the jewelries in the cabinet. Then she screamed out! Fuck you , bitch! My necklace and rings have gone!

We dialed to the police. The police told us, because there is no record to know the clue, it’s hard to find the thief, and let us prepare for accept it, but they still will try their best to find out the thief.

Then next day! The police found an IP camera was installed on the neighbor’s  door. So we view the video, trying to find out the clue during that night. At last, we find out the thief and caught him. But the money has been spent by him through selling the stolen necklace.

After a few days. I found that there is also an IP camera on my uncle’s door and also there is another one in him home. He bought 2pcs IP cameras. I blame him why not get another one for me. He said: ‘I bought it in this company trait-tech, the price is reasonable and this is with night vision, the quality is pretty well.’  After that, my uncle always come back so late without worry.

So I went to this website and bought an IP camera and many other things. And the sales manager Catherine is very kindful. I asked so many questions. She is so patient. Today, I received the products, it’s very nice and give me some gifts. I am so happy .

Here is the Catherine’s contact method. Now , I and her is good friend.  I always text to her when I feel comfused.  Her Skype is Catherine-trait. MSN: Mobile number, you could ask for it by yourself. Hahhhhh


Be with Children Anytime from Anywhere

No matter where you are, you want to know what’s going on at home. IP camera allows you to monitor your home.


2.4GHz Digital Wireless Security Kit Baby Monitor with 2.5 inch LCD color screen(W241D1)

No matter where we are in the world, we want to know what’s going on at home. Is it safe around our home? Did that package have arrived? Is anyone snooping around our property? Is anyone breaking into our home?

In modern society, we believe everyone should have video surveillance. We believe in affordable video security that seamlessly integrates into our home or business, and is easy enough for anyone to effectively use and enjoy.

Whether we are using video surveillance to watch over our car in the driveway, entrances to our home, children playing as a baby monitor or use it to keep an eye on our business, IP camera is likely to be the perfect option. Trait Tech allows us to monitor our home or business on any internet-enabled computer or phone.

As it is showed by Trait Tech, wireless cameras require no wires between the camera and receiver, so they are simple to install and can be moved easily from one location to the other. Wireless cameras come in many forms and sizes. Most wireless cameras make up standalone surveillance systems, so buying additional equipment is never necessary, which can save us a pretty penny. Baby monitor kits, for example, generally use a wireless camera with a handheld LCD device that could easily connect to any TV, DVR, computer or VCR for viewing. With motion detection options and easy mobility, wireless baby monitors with cameras help us keep our children safe without technology getting in the way. What’s more, the baby monitor allows us to play around with horizontal and vertical effects, zoom in, and adjust the picture and sound. 

The wireless camera is the perfect solution for us to keep an eye on our baby, home, office and more, which makes our life easier than before.