RST6020 Dentures UV Sanitizer Sterilizer

RST6020 Dentures UV Sanitizer SterilizerMy father is kind of candy bowl, he likes different kinds of sweet food since he was young so 

he need a false tooth when he was forty (it is at a young age for him and he went through tough years before he got used to the denture ).Because he always has to get set the tools and we may worried about the hygiene of the artificial tooth. To tell the truth, I have been feel anxious about the denture sanitation for a long time.

Then I found a Dentures UV Sanitizer Sterilize, I click the link when I saw it .It has been proved to kill over 99.9% of germs and it make me feel relief. And their process completed in 10-minute UV cycle. Also the Automatic UV light shut-off when opened during operation. Meantime, my father is a travel lover and I hope it is portable, as I look of description; it satisfied me in this part.

Then I want to know the certificate and safety of products. Wow! It has the certificate of Japan. So it has passed the Japanese standard JIS T 2001:2005. And I search for other company to see if this product has flooded the market and I found this is the only company to sell the products in Chinese market. Then I began to worry about the high price because there are not too many competitors to choose from. This one may be new and up market which is too expensive for me to buy.

After thinking over, I decide to contact them for the price and get to know this company’s sales services. So I send an email to as is written in the website .his considerate service and professional attitude impressed me, and the price is really competitive to my surprise. So I have made up my mind to buy one and to send it to my father as a gift.

Many thanks to Trait-tech and the sales Rita








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